Mortgage Do’s & Don’ts

You’ve found your dream home, applied for and got approved for a mortgage, and no doubt are excited to decorate, furnish, and make your new home yours! Your excitement is warranted for sure; however, before making large purchase or moving money around, you should consult your lender or someone who can detail how your financial […]

Buyer Competition Keeping You From Buying a New Home?

With record-low mortgage rates, homebuyer demand is also high; however, current homeowners aren’t racing to put their houses on the market. This makes finding a new home to buy challenging for many potential buyers. With this obstacle, many people who would be searching for their dream homes may be pausing their searches, especially as this […]

What Credit Score is Needed to Qualify for a Mortgage?

We all know that your FICO® score is crucial to the home buying process; however, many buyers aren’t sure what is required to get the loan they need.  Recently, CNBC shared that the average national FICO® score is at an all-time high of 706! Fortunately, that high of a score is not necessary to qualify for […]

Many Buyers are Confused about Down Payments

According to the Nerdwallet ‘2019 Home Buyer Report’, many (62%) first-time home buyers believe the myth that a 20% down payment is needed to purchase a home. This common misconception causes home buyers to wait longer to enter the market – it could even delay the purchase of their dream home by several years (in some […]

5 Important Home Buying Acronyms and their Definitions

Quick Tips: Knowing the home buying language is a critical piece to feeling successful when purchasing a home. You will hear the acronyms from APR to P&I an it will be necessary to know what they mean. Indy Property Experts is here to help give you confidence and keep you informed throughout the entire home […]