2 Reasons to List Your House NOW!

Let’s cut to the chase because this is an urgent matter… The two reasons to list your house now are: Buyer Demand is extremely high; and, Housing Supply is historically low. Buyer Demand The latest ShowingTime Showing Index, explains how over the last five months showings have increased each month in each of the country’s four regions. […]

What Credit Score is Needed to Qualify for a Mortgage?

We all know that your FICO® score is crucial to the home buying process; however, many buyers aren’t sure what is required to get the loan they need.  Recently, CNBC shared that the average national FICO® score is at an all-time high of 706! Fortunately, that high of a score is not necessary to qualify for […]

Many Buyers are Confused about Down Payments

According to the Nerdwallet ‘2019 Home Buyer Report’, many (62%) first-time home buyers believe the myth that a 20% down payment is needed to purchase a home. This common misconception causes home buyers to wait longer to enter the market – it could even delay the purchase of their dream home by several years (in some […]

5 Important Home Buying Acronyms and their Definitions

Quick Tips: Knowing the home buying language is a critical piece to feeling successful when purchasing a home. You will hear the acronyms from APR to P&I an it will be necessary to know what they mean. Indy Property Experts is here to help give you confidence and keep you informed throughout the entire home […]